File #: 2020-0338    Version:
Type: Ordinance Status: Passed
File created: 9/29/2020 In control: Committee of the Whole
On agenda: Final action: 2/16/2021
Enactment date: 2/19/2021 Enactment #: 19236
Title: AN ORDINANCE relating to the health through housing implementation plan; and adding a new chapter to K.C.C. Title 24.
Sponsors: Joe McDermott, Dave Upthegrove, Jeanne Kohl-Welles, Claudia Balducci
Indexes: Health, Housing
Attachments: 1. Ordinance 19236, 2. 2020-0338_SR HousingSalesTaxImpPlan.docx, 3. 2020-0338 ATT2 Fiscal Note for 2020-0311.pdf, 4. 2020-0338 ATT3 Financial Plan-10-28-20.pdf, 5. Public Comment - Coalition Support for the Health through Housing letter to KCC 20201013 (002).pdf, 6. 2020-0338_SR HousingSalesTaxImpPlan_DecRPC.docx, 7. 2020-0338 ATT1 Proposed Ordinance.pdf, 8. 2020-0338_ATT2 Amd1_Technicalbar.docx, 9. 2020-0338-ATT3 Amd2-SCA-cityconsultationprocess.docx, 10. 2020-0338-ATT4 Amd3-SCA-communicationsplan mckhm.docx, 11. 2020-0338-ATT5 AMD4-SCA-Expenditure Forecast.docx, 12. 2020-0338_ATT6 AMDT1 TitleAmd1bar.docx, 13. 2020-0338_Amd1.1_PVR_RevisedDeadline bar.docx, 14. 2020-0338_Amd1.2_HerboldMosqueda_jurisdictionalallocation.docx, 15. 2020-0338_Amd1.3_PVR_RevisedFin bar.docx, 16. 2020-0338_Amd1.4_HerboldMosqueda_aligningallocations-apkhmv4 -ap bar (002).docx, 17. 2020-0338_SR HousingSalesTaxImpPlan_COW.docx
Staff: Sanders, April
Clerk 01/20/2021
AN ORDINANCE relating to the health through housing implementation plan; and adding a new chapter to K.C.C. Title 24.
1. In December 2018, The King County regional affordable housing task force found that the region needs an additional 44,000 homes affordable for very low- and extremely low-income households over the next five years.
2. Additional funding is required to address the urgent need for affordable housing in King County.
3. In November 2015, King County declared a state of emergency to address the homelessness crisis.
4. Approximately 4,500 households receiving homeless services in King County are experiencing chronic homelessness.
5. Studies show that people experiencing chronic homelessness experience more negative physical health, lower behavioral health outcomes, and victimization.
6. Studies show the costs of permanent supportive housing for these households is far less than the crisis system costs from these households experiencing homelessness.
7. One-room settings, in particular permanent affordable housing with supportive services, are proven to improve health outcomes and housing stability and reduce crisis system use.
8. As of September 14, 2020, nearly 200,000 Americans had died from COVID-19.
9. Persons living in congregate shelters are particularly vulnerable to rapid spread of airborne disease like COVID-19 because persons living in congregate shelters are disproportionately persons of color, older than average, and experience higher rates of underlying health conditions, and are by definition without a safe place in which to observe social distancing and best practices of hygiene.
10. The Regional Action Framework identified a need for 6,500 additional units of supportive housing for people experiencing chronic homelessness.
11. In 2019, only 38 percent of adult Medicaid enrollees with an identified need for substance use disorder treatment in King County and statewid...

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