Meeting Name: Metropolitan King County Council Agenda status: Final Without Extra Items
Meeting date/time: 11/5/2018 11:30 AM Minutes status: Final Without Extra Items  
Meeting location: Room 1001
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2018-0462 17OrdinanceAN ORDINANCE relating to school impact fees; adopting the capital facilities plans of the Tahoma, Federal Way, Riverview, Issaquah, Snoqualmie Valley, Highline, Lake Washington, Kent, Northshore, Enumclaw, Fife, Auburn and Renton school districts as subelements of the capital facilities element of the King County Comprehensive Plan for purposes of implementing the school impact fee program; establishing school impact fees to be collected by King County on behalf of the districts; and amending Ordinance 18619, Section 2, and K.C.C. 20.12.473 and Ordinance 10122, Section 2, as amended, and K.C.C. 27.44.010.Hearing Held  Action details Not available
2018-0465 18OrdinanceAN ORDINANCE that adopts the 2019-2020 Biennial Budget and makes appropriations for the operation of county agencies and departments and capital improvements for the fiscal biennium beginning January 1, 2019, and ending December 31, 2020.Hearing Held  Action details Not available
2018-0466 19OrdinanceAN ORDINANCE correcting errors to a RCW cross reference and amending the fee amount per authority of RCW 36.18.016; and amending Ordinance 14905, Section 15, as amended, and K.C.C. 4A.630.150 and Ordinance 14905, Section 17, as amended, and K.C.C. 4A.630.160.Hearing Held  Action details Not available
2018-0467 110OrdinanceAN ORDINANCE increasing the filing fees for all mandatory arbitration and trial de novo of an arbitration award cases in superior court under RCW 36.18.016 filed on or after September 1, 2018; and amending Ordinance 13842, Section 2, as amended, and K.C.C. 4A.630.070 and Ordinance 13563, Section 2, and K.C.C. 4A.630.080.Hearing Held  Action details Not available
2018-0468 111OrdinanceAN ORDINANCE amending the assessment and collection of fees relating to reports of superior court records to include additional reports and data dissemination requests; and amending Ordinance 16968, Section 3, as amended, and K.C.C. 4A.630.200.Hearing Held  Action details Not available
2018-0469 112OrdinanceAN ORDINANCE clarifying the transmittal of legal case records for appeal; and amending Ordinance 13330, Section 18, as amended, and K.C.C. 4A.630.030.Hearing Held  Action details Not available
2018-0470 113OrdinanceAN ORDINANCE amending county code related to recovery of work, education, and electronic home detention fees; and amending Ordinance 12917, Section 1, as amended, and K.C.C. 4A.640.010.Hearing Held  Action details Not available
2018-0471 114OrdinanceAN ORDINANCE regarding surface water management; revising surface water management service charges; and amending Ordinance 7590, Section 8, as amended, and K.C.C. 9.08.070.Hearing Held  Action details Not available
2018-0472 115OrdinanceAN ORDINANCE amending the application fee for the public benefit rating system program for open space, agricultural, and timber lands current use assessment provisions; amending Ordinance 1076, Section 4, as amended, and K.C.C. 20.36.040.Hearing Held  Action details Not available
2018-0473 116OrdinanceAN ORDINANCE regarding the King County noxious weed control program; revising King County noxious weed control program assessments; and amending Ordinance 13325, Sections 1 and 2, as amended, and K.C.C. 4A.670.200 and Ordinance 13325, Sections 5, 6 and 7, as amended, and K.C.C. 4A.200.460..Hearing Held  Action details Not available
2018-0474 117OrdinanceAN ORDINANCE relating to development permitting fees; amending Ordinance 10662, Section 43, as amended, and K.C.C. 27.02.020, Ordinance 10662, Section 44, as amended, and K.C.C. 27.02.030, Ordinance 10662, Section 45, as amended, and K.C.C. 27.02.040, Ordinance 10662, Section 46, as amended, and K.C.C. 27.02.050, Ordinance 10662, Section 47, as amended, and K.C.C. 27.02.060, Ordinance 11141, Section 40, as amended, and K.C.C. 27.02.100, Ordinance 13332, Section 63, as amended, and K.C.C. 27.02.210, Ordinance 13332, Section 4, as amended, and K.C.C. 27.06.010, Ordinance 13332, Section 17, as amended, and K.C.C. 27.10.020, Ordinance 17923, Section 45, and K.C.C. 27.10.035, Ordinance 17923, Section 46, and K.C.C. 27.10.037, Ordinance 13332, Section 20, as amended, and K.C.C. 27.10.050, Ordinance 13332, Section 22, as amended, and K.C.C. 27.10.070, Ordinance 18000, Section 83, as amended, and K.C.C. 27.10.075, Ordinance 13332, Section 23, as amended, and K.C.C. 27.10.080, Ordinance 17453, Section 19, as amended, and K.C.C. 27.10.082, Ordinance 17453, Section 18, as amended, and K.C.C. 27Hearing Held  Action details Not available
2018-0475 118OrdinanceAN ORDINANCE relating to changing the natural resources mitigation fund from a special revenue fund to a capital fund and updating the types of moneys contributed to the fund and types of allowed disbursements from the fund; and amending Ordinance 17527, Section 150, as amended, and K.C.C. 4A.200.455.Hearing Held  Action details Not available
2018-0476 119OrdinanceAN ORDINANCE relating to passenger ferry service, revising passenger ferry fares; and amending Ordinance 17935, Section 6, as amended, and K.C.C 4A.700.820.Hearing Held  Action details Not available
2018-0477 120OrdinanceAN ORDINANCE regarding the operation and maintenance of county-owned or operated park and ride facilities; authorizing the Metro transit department to impose fees for use of park and ride facilities; amending Ordinance 12643, Section 23, as amended, and K.C.C. 28.94.265 and Ordinance 11950, Section 14, as amended, and K.C.C. 28.96.010, adding a new section to K.C.C. chapter 4A.700 and prescribing penalties.Hearing Held  Action details Not available
2018-0478 121OrdinanceAN ORDINANCE relating to public transportation fare waivers or discounts for pilot income-based fare programs; and adding a new section to K.C.C. chapter 4A.700.Hearing Held  Action details Not available
2018-0527 122MotionA MOTION confirming the executive's appointment of Anita Khandelwal as county public defender.PassedPass Action details Video Video
2018-0544 123MotionA MOTION of the county council accepting a bid for the purchase of the county's Sewer Revenue Bonds, 2018, Series B, in the aggregate principal amount of $124,455,000, and establishing certain terms of such bonds, all in accordance with Ordinance 18588.PassedPass Action details Video Video
2018-0551 124MotionA MOTION concerning the regional policy committee review of the 2019 Comprehensive Solid Waste Management Plan.PassedPass Action details Video Video
2018-0533 125MotionA MOTION confirming the executive's reappointment of Sarah Collier, who resides in council district four, to the King County agriculture commission.PassedPass Action details Video Video
2018-0536 126MotionA MOTION confirming the executive's reappointment of Lora Liegel, who resides in council district one, to the King County agriculture commission.PassedPass Action details Video Video
2018-0537 129OrdinanceAN ORDINANCE creating new funds for the 2019-2020 budget, including for the water and land resources shared services and for water quality internally financed projects; and adding new sections to K.C.C. chapter 4A.200.Introduced and Referred  Action details Not available
2018-0549 130OrdinanceAN ORDINANCE creating an Access paratransit advisory committee; and amending Ordinance 11431, Section 7, as amended, and K.C.C. 2.124.010.Introduced and Referred  Action details Not available
2018-0552 131OrdinanceAN ORDINANCE expanding the number of fellows for the Ruth Woo emerging leaders fellowship program; and amending Ordinance 18572, Section 1, as amended, and K.C.C. 3.12.184.Introduced and Referred  Action details Not available
2018-0521 132MotionA MOTION confirming the executive's appointment of Steven Horton, who resides in council district seven, to the King County rural forest commission.Introduced and Referred  Action details Not available
2018-0532 133MotionA MOTION confirming the executive's appointment of Kevin Scott-Vanderberge, who resides in council district two, to the King County agriculture commission.Introduced and Referred  Action details Not available
2018-0538 134MotionA MOTION confirming the executive's appointment of Leonardo Flor as the director of the department of community and human services.Introduced and Referred  Action details Not available
2018-0539 135MotionA MOTION acknowledging receipt of a report on the development of a new staffing and operations plan for the juvenile detention facility at the youth services center to accommodate in that facility youth charged as adults in compliance with Ordinance 18409, Section 55, as amended by Ordinance 18766, Section 23, Proviso P11.Introduced and Referred  Action details Not available
2018-0542 136MotionA MOTION expressing support for regional planning, coordination and funding efforts to address the implementation of METRO CONNECTS, King County Metro's long-range transit service and capital plan and the ongoing maintenance needs of King County's transportation infrastructure.Introduced and Referred  Action details Not available
2018-0543 137MotionA MOTION outlining a process to develop a regional mobility framework that will ensure that innovations in mobility put people first, use public space equitably and efficiently and are coordinated with transit policies and regional funding strategies.Introduced and Referred  Action details Not available
2018-0548 138MotionA MOTION providing policy direction for the portion of proceeds allocated to King County upon approval of city-proposed sales and use tax measures within King County that are proposed pursuant to RCW 82.14.450.Introduced and Referred  Action details Not available