File #: FCD2022-13    Version:
Type: FCD Resolution Status: Passed
File created: In control: King County Flood Control District Executive Committee
On agenda: Final action: 11/8/2022
Enactment date: Enactment #: FCD2022-13
Title: A RESOLUTION relating to the operation and finances of the King County Flood Control Zone District, adopting the 2023 budget and authorizing improvements.
Attachments: 1. FCD2022-13.3 Final, 2. A. Work Program, 11/4/2022, 3. B. 2023 Annual Budget, 11/5/2022, 4. C. 2023 Annual Operating Budget, 11/4/2022, 5. D. 2023 Annual Capital Budget, 11/5/2022, 6. E. 2023 - 2028 Six-Year CIP, 11/5/2022, 7. F. 2023 Annual District Oversight Budget, 11/4/2022, 8. G. 2023 Opportunity Fund, 11/4/2022, 9. H. 2023 - 2028 Six-Year CIP Project Allocations, 11/5/2022, 10. FCD2022-13.2 Updated Staff Report, 11. FCD2022-13.2 Striking Amendment S1 Adopted 11-8-2022, 12. FCD2022-13.2 Amendment 1 Adopted 11-8-2022, 13. FCD2022-13.2 Amendment 2 Adopted 11-8-2022, 14. FCD2022-13.2 Amendment 3 Adopted 11-8-2022, 15. FCD2022-13.2 Amendment 4 Adopted 11-8-2022, 16. FCD2022-13.2 Amendment 5 Adopted 11-8-2022, 17. REFERENCE ONLY - 2023 Expenditure Graph, 18. REFERENCE ONLY - 2023 Financial Plan, 19. REFERENCE ONLY - Differences with 2022R CIP, 20. Draft 2023 Budget Book, 21. FCD2022-13 Amendment 1 - Adopted 10-3-2022, 22. FCD2022-13--Seattle Times - Invoice #41359 - $211.59, 23. FCD2022-13--Seattle Times - Invoice #42296 - $207.62
Clerk 11/09/2022
A RESOLUTION relating to the operation and finances of the King County Flood Control Zone District, adopting the 2023 budget and authorizing improvements.
WHEREAS, pursuant to RCW 86.15.140, the King County Flood Control Zone District ("the District") held a public hearing on the proposed 2023 budget of the District on November 8, 2022, and
WHEREAS, the board of supervisors ("the Board") desires to adopt the King County Flood Control Zone District's 2023 budget, and
WHEREAS, by Ordinance 15728, the King County council adopted the District's initial comprehensive plan of development for flood and stormwater control, which is titled "2006 King County Flood Hazard Management Plan," and by Resolution FCD2011-05.1, the District Board amended the initial plan to include a project in the city of Seattle (collectively, "the District Comprehensive Plan"), and
WHEREAS, pursuant to RCW 86.15.110, the Board must approve by resolution all flood control and storm water control improvements, prior to the extension, enlargement, acquisition or construction of such improvements, and
WHEREAS, RCW 85.15.110, further provides that such approval resolution must state whether the improvements are to be extended, enlarged, acquired or constructed; state that the comprehensive plan has been adopted; state that the improvements generally contribute to the objectives of the comprehensive plan; state that the improvements will benefit the county as a whole; state the estimated costs of the improvements; and identify the data supporting the estimated costs, and
WHEREAS, the Board desires to approve improvements in the District's 2023 budget that are not in the District Comprehensive Plan, or that have been modified by the District's 2023 budget, in accordance with RCW 85.15.110;
SECTION 1. The Board hereby adopts the 2023 Budget for the D...

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