File #: 2018-0256    Version:
Type: Ordinance Status: Passed
File created: 5/21/2018 In control: Committee of the Whole
On agenda: Final action: 6/25/2018
Enactment date: 7/2/2018 Enactment #: 18757
Title: AN ORDINANCE relating to discrimination and harassment, including sexual harassment, and inappropriate conduct in the King County workplace; and adding a new chapter to K.C.C Title 3.
Sponsors: Jeanne Kohl-Welles, Larry Gossett, Claudia Balducci, Joe McDermott, Kathy Lambert
Indexes: Discrimination
Attachments: 1. Ordinance 18757.pdf, 2. 2018-0256_SR_Discrimination_Harassment.docx, 3. 2018-0256-ATT1-ProposedOrdinance.pdf, 4. 2018-0256_ATT2_AMD1.docx, 5. 2018-0256_ATT3_2016EEOC_Report.pdf, 6. 2018-0256_ATT4_2002_ExecutivePolicy.pdf, 7. 2018-0256_ATT5_Executive_Revised_Nondiscrimination.doc, 8. 2018-0256_ATT6_legislativebranchpolicies.pdf, 9. 2018-0256_ATT7_PAO_Policies.doc, 10. 2018-0256_ATT8_DistrictCourt_policies.pdf, 11. 2018-0256_ATT9_Superior_Court_Policies.pdf, 12. 2018-0256_ATT10_Timeline_comparison.docx, 13. 2018-0256_ATT11_KCC 12.18.010.docx, 14. 2018-0256_ATT12_Complaint_data_2018AAEEO.pdf, 15. 2018-0256_SR_Discrimination_Harassment.docx, 16. 2018-0256_ATT1-ProposedOrdinance.pdf, 17. 2018-0256_ATT2_2016EEOC_Report.pdf, 18. 2018-0256_ATT3_2002_ExecutivePolicy.pdf, 19. 2018-0256_ATT4_Revised_Exec_Policy.pdf, 20. 2018-0256_ATT5_legislativebranchpolicies.pdf, 21. 2018-0256_ATT6_PAO_Policies.pdf, 22. 2018-0256_ATT7_DistrictCourt_policies.pdf, 23. 2018-0256_ATT8_Superior_Court_Policies.pdf, 24. 2018-0256_ATT9_Timeline_comparison.docx, 25. 2018-0256_ATT10_KCC 12.18.010.docx, 26. 2018-0256_ATT11_Complaint_data_2018AAEEO.pdf, 27. 2018-0256 Lambert Amendment Ritzen 06-19-18.docx, 28. 2018-0256 Striker June 19 FINAL.docx, 29. 2018-0256 Striker June 19 Red-line.docx, 30. 2018-0256_REVISED_SR_Discrimination_Harassment.docx
Related files: 2022-RPT0020
Staff: Giambattista, Jenny
Clerk 06/21/2018
AN ORDINANCE relating to discrimination and harassment, including sexual harassment, and inappropriate conduct in the King County workplace; and adding a new chapter to K.C.C Title 3.
King County has a strong commitment to equity and social justice in both our community and our workforce. King County strives to be an employer of opportunity, where all employees can thrive and fulfil their true potential. To deliver the most effective services to our residents, King County must provide a safe, supportive and inclusive workplace free of discrimination, harassment and inappropriate conduct, where all employees can do their best work for the people of King County.
Federal, state and local laws are intended to prevent workplace discrimination and harassment. However, workplace discrimination and harassment remain a persistent problem as evident from grassroots movements, such as #MeToo and Black Lives Matter, and the continuing number of discrimination and harassment charges across all protected classes filed federally with the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission ("the EEOC").
Many more instances of harassment and discrimination go unreported. For example, the EEOC estimates that roughly three out of four individuals who experienced harassment never reported it to a supervisor, manager or union representative.
Incidents of workplace discrimination and harassment come at a steep cost to those who suffer it as they can experience mental, emotional, physical and economic harm. Workplace discrimination and harassment also represent significant direct and indirect costs to employers. Resources are diverted from the operation of the business to legal representation, settlements, litigation, court awards and damages. The EEOC also reports that indirect costs such as decreased productivity, increased turnover and reputational harm far exceed direct costs.
The EEOC reports as well that behavior that may...

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