File #: 2017-0470    Version:
Type: Ordinance Status: Passed
File created: 11/6/2017 In control: Budget and Fiscal Management Committee
On agenda: Final action: 11/27/2017
Enactment date: 12/1/2017 Enactment #: 18615
Title: AN ORDINANCE creating the veterans, seniors and human services levy fund; and adding a new section to K.C.C. chapter 4A.200.
Sponsors: Dave Upthegrove
Indexes: Funds, Human Services, Senior Citizens, Veterans
Code sections: 4A.200 - .
Attachments: 1. Ordinance 18615.pdf, 2. 2017-0470 transmittal letter, 3. 2017-0470--Fiscal Note, 4. 2017-0470--VSHSL Special Revenue Fund Creation - Financial Plan, 5. 2017-0470_0471_0472_SR_VSHSL_Approp.docx, 6. 2017-0470 through -0471_ATT4_VHSL_Service_Continuation_VSHSL_Proceeds.docx, 7. 2017-0470_AMD1_VSHS Levy Fund Name.docx, 8. 2017-0470_T1_VSHS Levy Fund Name.docx, 9. 2017-0470_and_0471_SR_dated_11212017_VSHSL_Approp.docx, 10. 2017-0470_ATT3_AMD1_VSHS Levy Fund Name and Strike Effective Date.docx, 11. 2017-0470_ATT4_T1_VSHS Levy Fund Name.docx, 12. 2017-0470_and_0471_REVISED_SR_VSHSL_Approp.docx
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Staff: Aldebot-Green, Scarlett


AN ORDINANCE creating the veterans, seniors and human services levy fund; and adding a new section to K.C.C. chapter 4A.200.



At a special election held in King County on November 7, 2017, the qualified electors of King County approved a proposition authorizing an additional property tax for six years beginning with a rate of ten cents per one thousand dollars of assessed valuation for collection in 2018, the first year levy amount being the base for computing annual increases up to three and one-half percent for collection in 2019 through 2023, as provided in Ordinance 18555.  Ordinance 18555, Section 3, requires levy proceeds to be deposited in a special revenue fund, which fund is created by this ordinance.


                     SECTION 1.  There is hereby added to K.C.C. chapter 4A.200 a new section to read as follows:

                     A.  There is hereby created the veterans, seniors and human services levy fund.

                     B.  The fund shall be a first tier fund.  It is a special revenue fund.

                     C.  The director of the department of community and human services shall be the manager of the fund.

                     D.  The fund shall account for the proceeds of the property tax levy in excess of the levy limitation contained in chapter 84.55 RCW that was approved in accordance with Ordinance 18555.  The six-year levy commencing in 2018, is for the express purpose of paying costs consistent with Ordinance 18555.